Private Land

NEBN has written to the State and Federal Government about failure of the Policy and Conservation Assessment Branch’s (PCAB, of DPIPWE) failure to adequately protect threatened species. PCAB is a State Government Department which provides advice to Councils on threatened species issues. It also administers conservation covenants. In the case of a recent development on Binalong Bay Road PCAB recommended allowing a residence be built less than 250m metres from an active Sea-Eagles nest and also refused to place a conservation covenant on the land (instead recommending a Part V agreement which is a far weaker means of protection conservation values on private land). The land contains habitat for Swift Parrot, a threatened plant species and two threatened vegetation communities as well as being a potential buffer to limit disturbance of the Sea-Eagles nest. This is not the first time PCAB ahs failed to get the best outcome on private land with important natural values.