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Our next meeting is on Thursday the 27th of February 4pm at St Helens Neighbourhood House.
Agenda items include:
  • Future Potential Production Forests
  • Break O Day Planning Scheme Tasmanian Planning Commission process update
  • 54 lot subdivision St Helens Point rd Tasmanian Planning Commission update
  • Fire prone layer TPC decision update
  • Fire management including Federal Inquiries 
  • Proposed EPBC listing for Wet Eucalyptus viminalis forest
  • Restore Skyline Tier update including Community Environment Grant
  • Green Job Guarantee 
  • Break O Day Weed Officer position
  • Weed Action Grants update Binalong Bay (Blackberries), St Helens Girl Guides (Spanish Heath)
  • Eco Health site visit
  • Public Open Space update on Oberon Place Scamander, Falmouth st St Helens and Gardens rd Binalong Bay blocks
  • Dianas Basin block update
  • Development applications Beaumaris, Scamander, St Helens
  • Tin Creek Dam application Four Mile Creek update
  • State Growth Weed Management update and Boggy Creek slashing of threatened vegetation community
  • Macca Award presentation
  • Dogs on beaches
  • Off road vehicles St Helens Point
  • Mountain Bike Tracks new DA
  • Bay of Fires Master Plan
  • Falmouth Glencoe DA